New York City Traffic Attorney

The Law Office of Mitchell Parks

The decision of authorities to stop you and issue you a traffic ticket is not the last word on the matter. You are absolutely entitled to have an independent and complete review of this in traffic court and to defend your rights with the counsel of an expert traffic attorney.

Specializing in traffic ticket law since 1995, we have successfully defended thousands of cases. We provide full legal defense in matters of moving traffic violations affecting driver license records and professional driving privileges. We handle all phases of a case, from intake through motions, trial and appeals.

Being charged with a moving violation or traffic related offense can have serious consequences for your driving record, your insurance rates, your ability to earn a living or to obtain credit. Some traffic offenses such as Reckless Driving, DWI, or Aggravated Unlicensed Driving can result in your having a criminal record for many years or even indefinitely.

If you have:

  • Had your license suspended or revoked
  • Been ticketed for a moving violation
  • Been arrested
  • Been singled out or treated unfairly
  • Not been given a change to explain yourself

the Law Office of Mitchell Parks will give you the chance you need to thoroughly defend your rights.

Located conveniently on the Upper East Side, we have been defending motorists charged with moving traffic violations since 1995. We handle matters in all the Traffic Violations Bureau offices in the five boroughs of New York City as well as local and criminal court matters in the Justice courts in New York State and Northern New Jersey. Additionally we provide representation in related administrative tribunals such as the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

*Note: Completion of a defensive driving course is not a substitute for contesting a moving violation but completion of such a course can help avoid the risk of a suspension of your license and/or an increase in your insurance rates. We are affiliated with the DMV approved New York Defensive Driving School.

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