Traffic Ticket Lawyer The Law Office Of Mitchell Parks

We have been in the business of defending motorists for 20 years. Our conveniently located Upper East Side office was opened by attorney Mitchell Parks in 1999.

We provide a thoughtful, considerate defense to every traffic ticket and moving violation case we take on. Within the bounds of the law we are relentless in our pursuit of a favorable result for our clients.

The majority of trials are handled personally by Mr. Parks, with a smaller volume handled by assistants counseled or trained by Mr. Parks where the familiarity of the particular assistant with a local court would be make a successful outcome more likely.

Mr. Parks is an experienced trial attorney with finely honed traffic court skills. He began his career defending motorists in 1995, working as counsel for a small firm responsible for union contracts covering professional drivers. At the same time, Mr.Parks became responsible for handling cases before the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Subsequently, Mr.Parks has defended thousands of individuals and companies and has been the designated de facto court counsel for a variety of law offices, union contracts, legal plans, and industry representatives. Further, Mr. Parks has represented clients for a variety of administrative, criminal and civil matters.

Mr. Parks is a member of the bar in New York and New Jersey. He was formerly a member of the bar in California. Mr. Parks earned his Juris Doctor degree in two and one half years and was graduated near the top of his class. Mr. Parks further distinguished himself by interning in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office while still a law student. There, he prosecuted criminal cases in their early stages, gaining important court room experience.

Mr.Parks is a frequent representative for Commercial Drivers (CDL) and For Hire Vehicle (FHV) operators. His experience in this realm led him to become an officer of the Association of Motor Vehicle Trial Attorneys, serving as Secretary, where he is responsible for contributing materials used to improve the traffic adjudication process. As such, he is a tireless advocate of improving the public's confidence in our justice system.

Addtionally, Mr. Parks holds an MBA degree.