Traffic Ticket Lawyer Services

The Mitchell Parks Law Office, experts in Traffic Ticket Law, handles all charges of criminal and non-criminal moving violations, charges of violations of rules of agencies with jurisdiction over special driver licenses (such as Taxi Commissions), and a variety of criminal and civil matters.

From the instance we are retained we are responsible to both you and the court to see the matter through to a conclusion before a judge assigned to the case.

Cases are handled in accordance with the rules that apply in the court or tribunal the matter is returnable to.

Traffic Law Services include:

  • Moving Violations
  • DWI Defense
  • Trucking Tickets
  • Default Applications
  • Motion to Vacate Plea entered in error
  • Appeals
  • Article 78 Proceedings
  • TLC Consumer Complaint Hearings
  • TLC Critical Driver Program Hearings
  • TLC Fitness Hearings
  • DMV Safety Hearings
  • DMV Persistent Violator Hearings
  • DMV Chemical Test Refusal Hearings
  • Defense of misconduct or fraud charges concerning licensing

We may be reached by telephone, email, mail.  When calling, if you reach voice mail, please always leave and repeat your telephone number.  All coherent calls are returned promptly.  Our phone number is (212) 772-8681  You may also email us at